The Styleprint Design Online Course

Individual License

​Update your living space today. With a proven, step-by-step system​ ​and a helping hand when you need it, you​ ​can​ ​overcome your home’s challenges—and your own​ ​worries—to create the spaces of your dreams.​ ​Access to this course includes ​seven how-to videos from Karen Powell ​of her 5-step design system for loving the space you’re in, helpful worksheets and design tools, ​and an accompanying digital version of Karen Powell’s book The Styleprint Design System.

About The Instructor

Karen Powell has been passionate about business and entre-preneurship from her early days of working in an office, followed by a ten-year stint as a secondary business education teacher, and then creating her own business, first through an association with a decorating company, TransDesigns, and then creating her own company and opportunity in the home furnishings industry, Decor&You. She franchised Decor&You in 1998 with the vision to provide an opportunity to others who enjoyed the field of decorating and who also wanted to be masters of their own destiny and yet appreciated a system and colleagues to collaborate with.The mission of Decor&You is to delight our clients with their environments so that they, “Love the space they are in,” whether that be home, office, or commercial setting. We love compliments that tell us: “Wow! I absolutely love my room—and I never would have made those choices without you!” That’s how we know we have done our job and done it well!

Karen lives in Connecticut with her husband Terry and their two bichon frises, Gizmo and Toby. In the summer she spends time with her family at the Jersey Shore.