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Love The Space You’re In!

Created by Decor&You Design Group

You and your coworkers share a clear and common purpose

You have a complete trust and confidence in one another

You have open and respectful conversation

You easily build commitment to new ideas and ways of doing things

Simple tools and processes guide decisions, actions, and accountability

A place where each day provides opportunities to learn and grow

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You CAN Create The Living Space of Your Dreams

There are so many reasons to update your living space. The exciting, creative​ ​process can quickly get out of hand if you are not​ ​ready for it. The StyleprintTM​ ​Design System simplifies everything and helps you each step of the way. The​ ​Styleprint brings your unique design preferences to​ ​life by evaluating your space,​ ​identifying what exactly is not working for you, and then setting goals to improve it.​ ​With help from expert interior designer, Karen Powell, you​ ​can​ ​create the living space of your​ ​dreams.

Course Packages Offered

Individual License

In this package, you will gain access to the Collaboration Breakthrough course and each of its classes. Throughout the your progression in the course, you will be given specific class quizzes and resources. Each class in the course has an instructional video taught just for you. Upon completion of this course, you will be awarded with a Collaboration Breakthrough course certificate.

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Corporate License

In this package, you will be given all of the tools to allow your organization to benefit from Collaboration Breakthrough. Included, you will be able to run the course as an admin with up to 10-15 students. You will be able to view the progress of each of your students and see how well they are doing throughout the course. Also included in this package are quizzes and class downloads for each of your students as they progress through the course.

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Course Structure


Karen Powell, author and creator of the Styleprint Design System, shares how this 5 step process takes your interior design experience from complex to simple.

Decor Project Fears

There are 9 Fear Factors that inhibit people from tackling a décor project. Overcome your fear and turn it into the motivation to get started. Once you understand what’s holding you back, and your ability to overcome those common design fears, you’ll be ready to create the space of your dreams.

Styleprint Discovery

First focus on what you want. Remember it’s easier and more manageable when you follow a system. The way to begin is with the end in mind.

The Style Success Survey

The Style Success Survey is the step in your journey where you clarify the scope of the project. Is it an entire room or home, or is it part?

Creating Your Possibilities

How does a person move ahead with the design elements? Create three unique plans – three possibilities – for consideration. It’s always nice to say no to something because it validates the things you say yes to.

A Managed Makeover

The décor makeover is orchestrated and choreographed. Create an action plan so that you have a guide for the order of each task, priority, and target completion dates. Soon enough you will be adding the finishing touches and admiring you work.

The Styleprint Showcase

Step back and look at the room with a critical design eye. Are there any last minute changes? Do you need to move an accessory? Rearrange pillows? Do anything else that would enhance the look , feel, or function of the room?

About The Instructor

Karen Powell has been passionate about business and entrepreneurship from her early days of working in an office, followed by a ten-year stint as a secondary business education teacher, and then creating her own business, first through an association with a decorating company, TransDesigns, and then creating her own company and opportunity in the home furnishings industry, Decor&You. She franchised Decor&You in 1998 with the vision to provide an opportunity to others who enjoyed the field of decorating and who also wanted to be masters of their own destiny and yet appreciated a system and colleagues to collaborate with.The mission of Decor&You is to delight our clients with their environments so that they, “Love the space they are in,” whether that be home, office, or commercial setting. We love compliments that tell us: “Wow! I absolutely love my room—and I never would have made those choices without you!” That’s how we know we have done our job and done it well!

Karen lives in Connecticut with her husband Terry and their two bichon frises, Gizmo and Toby. In the summer she spends time with her family at the Jersey Shore.